Posted/Updated on March 04, 2012
Easy Weight Lose From Water

Easy Weight Lose From Water

Water is a blessing of God. It has many uses. One of the great uses of water is that it is helpful in reducing weight. It has been medically proved that human body needs 8 to 10 glass water daily. Water is also a cause for beautiful and fresh skin. By following these simple tips it is easy to reduce weight.

  1. Drink 8 glass pure water daily. It is the need of a healthy body.
  2. Take 3 glass water in the morning daily, before eating something. This will help in burning fats.
  3. Drink a glass of Luke water adding a spoon of honey in it. It will also dissolve fats.
  4. Drink lemon and water or simple water instead of taking cold drinks and other drinks. Cold drinks have high calories. They are helpful in adding weight.
  5. Drink simple water. By taking simple water you will a habitual of drinking simple water rather then any other drink.
  6. Use vegetables which have water like Carrot, Radish, turnip. In this way body will get water and weight will reduce automatically.
  7. Green Tea is very helpful in weight reducing. It is also prepared by water.
  8. Take a glass of water having a spoon of Ispagol Husk in it. It will reduce weight and extra calories.
  9. Take a glass of water before meal, It will fill the extra space in your stomach and you will eat less.